Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! + Trying new stuffs

So I guess... after looking at my friends.... I feel like doing new stuffs which is why I start doing this blogger thing LOL...
Not to sure if I actually will update a lot but I guess I can try having one =D which is no harm lol X'D

anyway It's Christmas now and this is my first post ever ahhahah
didn't do anything much today other than browsing... playing and stalking ppl X'D
especially from layercloud website which a friend of mine, Kayla gave this awesome cosplay website link to a another friend!

We are suppose to do at least xmas cosplay but seems it will be a little late =] I am quite excited over it tho!!! Can't wait till we actually do it X']
Also, im so looking forward to next week!! Gonna stay at a friend's place in Toronto to do stuffs! then gonna go to other friend's home to practice on the Utapri dancing.

I am supose to do xmas drawing but doesn't seem to be in a mood again... I can't even do my comission which is only 1 left ugh ><!!! and yea I need to start working on my portfolio =/ got lots of things to finish!!!


Natal Toran said...

Welcome to blogspot, now I have more blogs to stalk!!!!!

karumen-chan said...

FOUND YOU *stalks* <3

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